UW Northwest Childbirth Center | The Birth of Emilia (Video)

Baby Emilia was born at UW Northwest Childbirth Center in the early evening on a typical Seattle gray day. For the heartwarming 9-minute birth video, scroll to the end!

Outside vide of the entrance to UW Northwest Childbirth Center

Emilia’s parents arrived at the hospital in the late morning with contractions starting, because Emilia’s mother’s water had broken the night before. They were delivering with the midwives at UW Northwest, so they were hoping contractions would pick up more before any interventions were needed to assist the onset of more regular and stronger contractions. Slowly but surely, after a little time had passed, the contractions started to ramp up with no assistance.

Nitrous Oxide Offered at UW Northwest Childbirth Center

Only a few hospitals in the Seattle area offer nitrous oxide when laboring, and UW Northwest is one of them! According to a 2019 National Library of Medicine article, nitrous oxide (aka laughing gas) is considered safe for both the mother and the baby. It’s also inexpensive, doesn’t interfere with uterine contractions, and doesn’t have any adverse effects on the normal physiology and progress of labor. It’s a win-win for those who want it! Once Emilia’s mother decided to use it, she was a lot more relaxed.

A pregnant mother using nitrous oxide as an aide as she labors at UW Northwest Childbirth Center

Baby Emilia has arrived at UW Northwest Childbirth Center!

Not much longer after the nitrous oxide helped to relax Amelia’s mother, she was soon fully dilated and ready to push. And she didn’t need to push long. Soon enough, Amelia entered the world!

a brand newly born baby is laying tummy side up on it's mother's chest with it's arms lifted high as the father overlooks from above.

Golden Hour/First Feeding

As a birth photographer, I stick around for two hours postpartum to capture all these beautiful and special moments. The best moments happen during the golden hour!

A mother takes a drink after giving birth at UW Northwest Childbirth center as her husband is setting up a feeding tube for their new baby.

Close up of baby and mom's hands as she breastfeeds

Skin-to-skin time with Dad

Finally, Baby Amelia’s dad was more than ready to get some skin-to-skin time with his sweet new infant. Skin to skin is so benificial, not just for baby, but also for Dad! This helps with bonding, and also to regulate baby’s temperatrue.

Newborn Exam at UW Northwest Childbirth Center

As a birth photographer, I love photographing all the sweet details during the newborn exam. This is the time when baby is weighed, measured, given shots/medications, and checked for reflexes, etc. by the nurse on staff.

newborn infant laying in a babywarmer

Are you delivering at UW Northwest Childbirth Center in Seattle?

If you are delivering at UW Northwest Childbirth Center in North Seattle, I’d love to be your birth photographer/videographyer for labor and delivery! This is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and you’ll have peace of mind, knowing you won’t miss a thing with me as your labor and delivery photographer. I offer professional birth photos and films for parents who want to remember all the important details of their birth story. You can even add professional birth photography/videography to your baby registry!

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Interested in studio newborn sessions? Check out Daniele’s blog post on how to prepare for newborn photos.


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