Providence Everett Labor & Delivery | Birth of Baby K

a smiling mother holds baby for the first time after giving birth while the baby is scowling

Baby K was born at Providence Everett almost 3 weeks before his due date, surprising us all! This baby decided to arrive early, whether or not his parents were ready!

I (their birth photographer) arrived full of excitement with my camera in hand to the Family and Maternity Center. The center is located on the third floor of the Pavilion for Women and Children which is a part of Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett, WA.

Laboring at Providence Everett

Baby K’s mother had labored all morning at home, and she knew it was finally time to go in to the hospital later that afternoon. She chose Providence Everett because this particular hospital offers nitrous oxide, more commonly know as laughing gas. This can be a helpful aide in laboring, especially since Baby K’s mother didn’t want to get an epidural. Not all hospitals in the Everett/Seattle area offer nitrous oxide, so if this is something you want to use, be sure to check with your provider.

Baby K’s mother labored with amazing support from her partner, mother and best friend. It was an honor to document and witness her incredible support team!

Baby K has Arrived!

Finally, after several hours of laboring, the moment for baby K to be born arrived!

My favorite part to document as a birth photographer is the mother’s reaction after giving birth. Sometimes it’s shock or disbelief, sometimes it’s ugly tears (but honestly, truly beautiful tears), and sometimes it’s delayed…and the reaction comes after a few moments. Regardless, everyone reacts in their own way to giving birth, and I just love to capture those moments. This particular mother was just in LOVE as soon as her baby was born.

Weight and Measurements for Baby K

I also love to capture all the details. The baby being measured and weighed for the first time, the baby’s footprints being taken. It’s all just so special.

Time with Dad

Of course, skin-to-skin with dad is just the best. Not all dad’s choose to do this, and that’s fine! As a birth photographer, I simply document your story as it unfolds. Every birth story is beautiful in it’s unique way.

Are you delivering at Providence in Everett?

If you are delivering at Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett, I’d love to be your photographer for labor and delivery! The birth of your child will only happen once, and you’ll have peace of mind, knowing you won’t miss a thing with me as your labor and delivery photographer. I offer professional birth photos and films for parents who want to remember all the important details of their birth story. You can even add professional birth photography to your baby registry!

Contact me to see if I have availability for your due date. (I take a limited number of births each month, so the sooner your contact me, the better!) I also offer free consultations, so you can ask me all the questions!

Or if you are just curious and want to learn more about how birth photography even works, check out my page on birth photography. You’ll discover what birth photography entails, read some FAQs, and get all the details.

You won’t regret hiring a birth photographer, but you may regret NOT hiring one.

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  1. Alison Bell says:

    The hallway shot might seem boring right now, but that’s going to be history 20 years from now when everything is different! So good to get those environmental wide shots.

  2. What sweet memories for this young family. I love that you included every detail that they will want to remember. ♡

  3. These are such stunning images that tell this baby’s birth story – well done!

  4. Your birth photography is so raw with emotions. Beautiful.

  5. These are such beautiful images. How amazing that you were there to document this important time for this family.

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