Swedish Issaquah Birth Center | The Birth of Baby G

A new mother holds her baby doing skin-to-skin for the first time after a cesarian birth at Swedish Issaquah Hospital.

Baby G was born at Swedish Issaquah Birth Center in Issaquah, WA. His parents were so excited to finally meet him! He came into the world via a planned cesarean due to him being breach. As a Seattle birth photographer, the birth of Baby G was such a delight to photograph!

The anticipation of baby G’s arrival

Baby G arrived during the daytime, since his birth was scheduled due to him being born via a c-section. I arrived to the hospital just before the birth, so I could get some photos of the anticipation of his arrival.

A planned cesarian birth at Swedish Issaquah Birth Center

Since the birth of baby G happened during the height of the pandemic, Swedish Issaquah would not allow a birth photographer into the OR. However, post-pandemic, it comes down to the anesthesiologist on duty to make the decision if a birth photographer is allowed into the OR or not. More and more often, birth photographers are currently being allowed to join you in the operating room!

A couple of things you can do in advance to increase the chance of your birth photographer accompanying you into the operating room is to advocate for yourself, and talk to your provider at your OB appointments about your desire for a birth photographer, regardless of a scheduled c-section or an emergency c-section. You are the customer, and you are paying for the service that your doctor and hospital provide. You can explain to your provider that a professional certified birth photographer is always compliant in the OR, and sits/stands where they are told. Also, a professional certified birth photographer is able to get beautiful images regardless of where they must sit or stand.

Some people think that birth photography is not valuable or important if you are going to have a c-section birth. But cesarian births are births nonetheless. A child is born, even if they come out via an incision.

All this being said, even if your birth photographer is unable to join you in the OR, birth photos before and after your c-section are priceless, as seen all over this blog post about the c-section birth of baby G!

Baby G has arrived at Swedish Issaquah Birth Center!

The images above show the parents of baby G re-watching what happened in the OR. The nurse took phone videos of baby G being born, and his umbilical cord being cut by his dad. What a treasure to have those videos!

A black and white image of a new mother holding her baby for the first time after a cesarian birth at Swedish Issaquah Birth Center in Issaquah, WA.

The golden hour

The first hour after birth when a mother has uninterrupted skin-to-skin contact with her newborn is referred to as the golden hour. I absolutely love to capture images of this special time. Birth photos taken during the golden hour are simply priceless!

The golden hour is important because it helps to regulate the baby’s temperature. It promotes bonding and milk supply. Skin-to-skin in the first hour of baby’s life also provides oxytocin (the love hormone) production in both mom and baby.

Time with dad

After the golden hour, dad finally had a turn to hold brand new Baby G! I love how Baby G is sticking his tongue out! Ok, let’s be honest, it’s probably just his rooting reflex, but it’s oh-so-cute!

Are you delivering at Swedish Issaquah Birth Center?

If so, I offer birth photography and videography for people who want to remember their birth story. (Birth photos are also great to give to your children when they are all grown as well!) You can even add professional birth photography to your baby registry!

Ready to book? Inquire soon, because I take a limited number of births each month! I’m happy to hop on the phone or zoom for a no-pressure consult to answer any questions you have. I love talking about birth, so just let me know!

If you don’t live in Issaquah or the greater Seattle area, don’t worry. You can find a professional birth photographer near you on the International Association of Professional Birth Photographer’s website.

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  1. Ashlie says:

    Love these images so much. They are priceless. These parents are going to cherish having these images forever.

  2. What a lovely birth photography session.

  3. These are gorgeous birth images! The golden hour is such a special time, this mom is going to treasure having this documented.

  4. Charis says:

    these are birth photos that this family will truly love having down the road! What a special time to have documented!

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