Puget Sound Birth Center | The Birth of Baby E

a newborn baby being held by her mother is looking up at her parents after just being born in a birthing tub

Baby E arrived at the Puget Sound Birth Center in the wee hours of the night. Her mother had a history of precipitous births, which means baby is born within three hours of regular contractions. This is considered rare and only occurs in 3% of births! So as soon as she called me, I knew it was time to hop in my car and head to the birth center in Kirkland!

A Puget Sound Birth Center midwife is using a fetal doppler to listen to the heartbeat of a baby still in the womb of a pregnant mother smiling and lying on a bed.

Laboring at the Puget Sound Birth Center

We all arrived at the birth center at the same time–around midnight. And we all anticipated baby to come quickly. Baby’s E’s mother labored on the bed for a while, then decided to move to the birthing tub for more comfort.

a birds eye view of two midwives and a husband waiting as a pregnant woman labors in a birthing tub at a birth center.

All was calm between surges, as we waited patiently for baby. But we didn’t wait for long!

A pregnant woman labors in a birth tub with her husband's hand holding a cold cloth on her forehead.

She’s Here!

And we were not wrong. Baby E arrived shortly thereafter!

A mother and baby cry as the mother holds her baby for the first time after giving birth in a tub at the Puget Sound Birth Center.

Like mother, like daughter! Baby E’s mother had the best reaction…and so did baby E!

The Golden Hour

The time immediately after birth is called “the Golden Hour,” and this is when baby and mother bond through skin-to-skin contact. This special time helps to promote attachment, regulate baby’s temperature outside of the womb, and start to establish breastfeeding. It’s also the best time for beautiful photos!

A father cuts the umbilical cord of his recently born baby

Enjoying Time with Baby E During Golden Hour

Skin-to-Skin with Dad

I always love it when Dads want to do some skin-to-skin time as well. And the photos never disappoint. I’m sure baby E will cherish these when she’s grown up.

Newborn Exam at the Puget Sound Birth Center

After plenty of time was giving for the golden hour, the PSBC midwives perform a newborn exam, including weight and measurements.

Time to go Home

…and meet the rest of the family! A nice thing about giving birth at a birth center is that you can go home shortly after giving birth. (And get cozy with your new baby in the comfort of your own home.)

  • Location: Puget Sound Birth Center, Kirkland WA
  • Midwife: Blake at Puget Sound Birth Center

Are You Giving Birth at the Puget Sound Birth Center?

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Which birth photo is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

Do you like the detail images? Or the timeless black and white photos? Maybe you like to see images that show how the birth story unfolds. (Storytelling photos.) Do you like the birth photos that portray emotion? Perhaps you like the images that show mom’s reaction or the “I did it!” moment! Let me know what birth photographs you like in the comments below!

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  1. Alison Bell says:

    What a beautiful story! Feels like I was there!

  2. What an amazing water birth! I loved reading this story.

  3. Virginia says:

    Birth centers are so special. This family will cherish these memories forever!

  4. Molly says:

    How precious these memories will be. Such a gift you’ve given this family!

  5. What a beautiful birth story. The Puget Sound Birth Center sounds like a great place to deliver.

  6. Ashlie says:

    Wow! These are so beautiful. I especially love the image of baby and mom showing very similar expressions. Such beautiful memories this family will cherish forever.

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