Swedish First Hill Birth Center | Birth of Baby O

A father hold his newborn baby skin to skin in a rocking chair at Swedish First Hill Birth Center with the hospital name on the back of the rocking chair.

Baby O was born at Swedish First Hill Birth Center on a bright and sunny Seattle afternoon! However, it all started the night before…

A mother holds her baby as she lays in a hospital bed at Swedish First Hill

Baby O’s parents arrived at the hospital the evening before with excitement and anticipation since Baby O needed to be induced for medical reasons. The plan was to administer some medication the night before and then (hopefully) get some good sleep overnight, with the induction to start early the next morning.

Laboring and waiting for Baby O’s arrival

I (the birth photographer) arrived to the scene mid-morning at the same time as the doula, and just in time for the epidural to be administered. Contractions were starting to pick up with intensity, and Baby O’s mother was laboring like a champ!

After the epidural was placed, Baby O’s mother finally had a chance to rest. Shortly thereafter, it was time to push!

Baby O born at Swedish First Hill Birth Center!

Baby O was born vaginally and was joyfully welcomed earthside! The golden hour is defined as the first hour after baby is born. Many parents choose to do skin-to-skin with their baby during the golden hour as it has many benefits. Skin-to-skin helps regulate the baby’s temperature, helps the parent and child to bond, and helps with breastfeeding.

As a birth photographer, I stick around for two hours postpartum to capture all these beautiful and special moments. The best moments happen during the golden hour!

A newly born baby with wide open eyes is in his mothers arms.

Baby O’s parents wanted to take a “placenta tour,” which means that they were able to learn about, touch and see Baby O’s placenta! I always love it when parents choose to do this! Would you take a placenta tour if you had the opportunity?

The newborn exam is always fun to get photos of as well. From measurements, to tiny foot and hand prints, it’s just so special!

Time with Dad

Finally, Baby O’s dad was more than ready to get some skin-to-skin time with his sweet new infant.

Are you delivering at Swedish First Hill Birth Center in Seattle?

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  1. Alison Bell says:

    You’ve done such great work with limited light, Becky! These are beautiful!

  2. These images are stunning! What a gorgeous way to tell their birth story.

  3. ashlie says:

    These are so beautiful! Placentas are so fascinating! I was so excited to see mine, but I didn’t get to touch it – that would have been so interesting.

  4. Your birth stories are so beautiful. Loving this one at Swedish First Hill.

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