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Baby Emilia was born at UW Northwest Childbirth Center in the early evening on a typical Seattle gray day. For the heartwarming 9-minute birth video, scroll to the end! Emilia’s parents arrived at the hospital in the late morning with contractions starting, because Emilia’s mother’s water had broken the night before. They were delivering with the midwives […]

a newborn baby being held by her mother is looking up at her parents after just being born in a birthing tub

Baby E arrived at the Puget Sound Birth Center in the wee hours of the night. Her mother had a history of precipitous births, which means baby is born within three hours of regular contractions. This is considered rare and only occurs in 3% of births! So as soon as she called me, I knew […]

a smiling mother holds baby for the first time after giving birth while the baby is scowling

Baby K was born at Providence Everett almost 3 weeks before his due date, surprising us all! This baby decided to arrive early, whether or not his parents were ready! I (their birth photographer) arrived full of excitement with my camera in hand to the Family and Maternity Center. The center is located on the […]

A father hold his newborn baby skin to skin in a rocking chair at Swedish First Hill Birth Center with the hospital name on the back of the rocking chair.

Baby O was born at Swedish First Hill Birth Center on a bright and sunny Seattle afternoon! However, it all started the night before… Baby O’s parents arrived at the hospital the evening before with excitement and anticipation since Baby O needed to be induced for medical reasons. The plan was to administer some medication […]

mother holding baby for the first time immediately after being born at Swedish Issaquah Hospital

Answering common questions about birth photography and what it means to hire me as your birth photographer. Do you have a lot of common questions about birth photography? If so, you are not alone. I’ve compiled a list of 10 questions and my answers to each of them. But first… 1. What exactly is birth […]

A small child is looking at a photo album of the day she was born.

Congratulations! You had a baby and you received all your beautiful birth images from your birth photographer, but now what? Are you wondering what to actually do with your birth photos? Don’t let your birth photos just live on your hard drive! Do something with them! “But what should I do with my birth photos?” […]

Mother holding baby skin-to-skin after giving birth at Overlake Childbirth Center in Bellevue, WA.

Baby G had a speedy delivery at Overlake Childbirth Center in Bellevue, WA. His parents were so excited to meet him, and his new dad was moved to tears. I just love it when the love and joy of a new parent is visible when baby arrives! As a Seattle birth photographer, I understand what […]

A new mother holds her baby doing skin-to-skin for the first time after a cesarian birth at Swedish Issaquah Hospital.

Baby G was born at Swedish Issaquah Birth Center in Issaquah, WA. His parents were so excited to finally meet him! He came into the world via a planned cesarean due to him being breach. As a Seattle birth photographer, the birth of Baby G was such a delight to photograph! The anticipation of baby […]

If you are wondering if you should have a photographer at your birth, this is for you! Read on to learn 4 reason why you SHOULD.

Birth and newborn photography both play an important role in capturing the most precious moments in a family’s life. But what exactly sets these two types of photography apart? Whether you’re a new parent or a soon-to-be parent, keep reading to discover the differences between birth photography and newborn photography! There are three main differences […]