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Through my lens, I get to witness miraculous beginnings. I provide you with the irreplaceable family heirloom of photos marking your baby's first moments in this world through birth photography and videography.

Every birth is sacred and precious. Every family has a powerful story to tell, and I love being the person to document it. Whether it be a hospital birth, a home birth or at a birth center, I see and understand the immense value of having every detail artistically and professionally photographed so you can remember all the events of what’s unique about your family and your baby's birth.

I'm so excited to help tell your birth story!

 That's why I first became interested in photography. I wanted to capture the big and small moments. The messy, real, raw - yet beautiful moments and freeze them in time so I could remember them forever.

And I want to do that for you too!

I want to capture your stage in life, exactly as it is right now! Stop time, for just a moment, so you can remember all the special moments and stages of your family as you grow together. Your story matters, and I love to be the one to help tell it!

And even though it's sometimes hard to see it in the day-to-day, it's important to capture it. Photos are a gift. They are a gift not only now, but also (and maybe even more importantly) a gift to ourselves in 5, 10, 15+ years as well as a gift to generations to come!

Your family is beautiful!

and I know how fast they grow and change.

As a Seattle family and birth photographer, this is what I do...

Birth Photography?

Because your birth story matters, I'm a certified birth photographer. Home births, birthing centers, or hospital births - I'm here for it!

Birth photography helps you remember, helps you process, and takes you back to those moments you can't even describe.

I like to focus on capturing your emotions as well as getting gorgeous images of the day you meet your child!

I believe every birth is beautiful and deserves to be documented. Because of that, I offer both photography and videography. Telling your birth story is my absolute favorite!

Welcome!  I'm Becky.

Seattle birth photographer

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Your family is beautiful just the way they are! Let go of perfection and lean into the love and connection you have. 

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Have peace of mind, knowing your most important memories won't be missed.

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