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WHat I Offer as your doula

I offer physical, emotional, and informational support to birthing families in order to help them achieve their healthiest, most satisfying birth possible. I support pregnant people as they gives birth the way they want. I stay with the pregnant person the whole time—at home and at the birthing location, even if the birthing location might change. I prefer to begin meeting with clients in the second trimester, and we will meet at least two times before the birth and two times after. 

Physical Support

Informational Support

Emotional Support

I hold space for you. This means I give you room to express your wishes and exercise your autonomy. I’ll help you sort out your feelings without adding my own. I strive to listen deeply as you tell your story. I promise to never be disappointed in you, and I will never judge you. It is my goal to help you feel safe and empowered as you give birth.

One of my primary goals is to help your family prepare to make decisions regarding your care. This may entail education about the variety of choices that lay ahead of you. Sometimes this means helping new parents write out pros and cons lists, obtain more information, or brainstorm ideas. We might even practice ways of communicating clearly.

Doulas make one big promise: to be there. I offer continuous, in-person support to a laboring person starting from the time they want my presence (usually by the beginning of active labor) through two hours after delivery. I offer assistance in coping with labor pain, often including use of counter pressure, position changes, and movement.


-Trained Birth Doula | DONA International Birth Doula Workshop
-Lactation Support Workshop | Sharon Muza
-Certified Birth Photographer | Beauty in Birth

I’m so glad you were there at the birth, your presence was appreciated and there were some key moments that you made much better (making sure I had cold cloths, and encouraging me to listen to my body / do what felt right to me - are two that very much stand out). 


-Catherine, Bothell, WA
(Birthed at Puget Sound Birth Center)

Birth Doula & Photography Pricing

- Support via phone / text / email from time of hire until 4 weeks postpartum
- 2 Prenatal home or zoom visits
- On-call 24/7 for labor support and birth photography starting at 38 weeks
- Labor support with photography to document your birth story
- Postpartum support with photography up to 2 hours after birth
- 2 Postpartum home or zoom visits
- All images of your birth for digital download (100+)

$3,000 + tax

The Birth Story + Doula Support

* Inquire for info on Doula Lite Package: $2750

Thanks for making our birth such a joyful one. You were a godsend! It was wonderful having your support. Thanks again for your help!!!

-Jen, Renton, WA
(Birthed at Swedish Issaquah)

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