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There are so many misconceptions about birth photography that I could go on all day! Let’s be honest, what first comes to mind when you think of birth photography? I’m pretty confident that any concern you’re thinking of is addressed in at least one of these 10 misconceptions. If you missed it, the first 5 […]

A mother holds her newborn for the first time after just giving birth at Overlake Childbirth Center in Bellevue, WA, captured by Seattle birth photographer, Becky Langseth.

Even though birth photography is becoming more common, there are still some misconceptions about birth photography. “You mean, you ACTUALLY take photos of the birth?” This is something I hear often when I say that I’m a birth photographer. I get it. I even thought some of the same things myself at one point. But […]

Are you wondering what to wear during labor for great birth photos? Many people wonder what they should wear for birth photography. As a Seattle birth photographer, this is actually a commonly asked question during many of my birth photography consultations. To be honest, you really just want to wear what makes you feel most […]

There are many great reasons to hire a birth photographer, but are you wondering if hiring a birth photographer is really worth it? Will your partner be onboard with hiring a professional to photograph your birth? I know firsthand how it can feel like an unnecessary splurge when your partner could just take a few […]