Lake Forest Park Photographer | 5 Great LFP Locations for Family Sessions

Do you live in or near Lake Forest Park, WA? Are you wondering where to get your family photos taken this year without having to travel to far outside of LFP? As a Lake Forest Park Family Photographer, I have 5 great locations for your photo session so you can stay local to LFP. (Plus a few bonuses!)

Here they are in list form, but I’ll go into greater detail for each one.

  1. Pfingst Animal Acres Park
  2. Horizon View Park
  3. Cedarbrook Park (Shorelake Soccer site)
  4. Lyon Creek Preserve or the Civic Club
  5. In the comfort of your own home/backyard

The first location for family photos in Lake Forest Park is Pfingst Animal Acres Park.

This park is great for so many reasons. It has some tree coverage, so this park can be used as a photo location at most anytime of the day. If you have kids who can’t stay up late in the summertime until the light is perfect right before sunset, not problem. Just go to Animal Acres. The trees help to filter the light, so photo sessions can be done a different times of the day. It’s also great in Spring, Summer and Fall.

A family of 5 play together at Animal Acres Park.

If you live close to Horizon View Park, this location is super convenient.

Similarly to Animal Acres, this park also has trees that can filter light so you don’t have to have a photo session during golden hour (one hour before sunset). Although, if you do want golden hour photos, that can happen at Horizon View Park too as seen below!

A dad with his two kids play together at Horizon View Park in Lake Forest Park, WA.

Also, bonus points for Horizon View Park as a family photo location, since there is a porta potty on site for those toddler/kid sudden emergencies!

Cedarbrook Park is a surprisingly fantastic family photo location near Lake Forest Park.

Okay, so technically this park is in Shoreline, but it borders Lake Forest Park, so in my mind, it counts! And if you’ve had young kids in soccer you definitely know this spot! Now, I’m not talking about taking photos in the middle of the soccer field. However, near the edge by the parking lot where the former Cedarbrook school used to be, there is a small, beautiful field with some trees in the background. And during golden hour, this part of the park is simply gorgeous! In fact, this location is my favorite one that’s close to LFP. Here’s some photos for proof. (Park address: 2000 NE Perkins Way, Shoreline, WA 98155)

A family of five is getting their family photos taken at Cedarbrook Park.

The Lyon Creek Waterfront Preserve or the Civic Club are also good LFP locations.

Depending on the lighting and the time of day, you can even have Lake Washington as your backdrop for your family photos. I love the Lyon Creek Waterfront Preserve because there are so many different looks you can get in such a small area.

The Civic Club can get pretty busy in the summertime, so if you want to to your session there, spring or fall will work best. If you want to do a session in the summer, I recommend a morning session! You will also need to be a member of the Civic Club in order to do your photo session at this location.

A family of four is smiling and laughing together at the Civic Club in Lake Forest Park.

Finally, in-home sessions are always a great option as a location for your family photo session in Lake Forest Park.

If you live in Lake Forest Park, your own backyard might be a really great location for family photos. As a photographer who lives in Lake Forest Park myself, I can confidently say that lots of home in LFP has amazing yards with trees and bushes. Perhaps you live on a side street with beautiful trees and foliage. I’ve taken headshots for people in Lake Forest Park using the street that they live on as their background!

If you’ve lived in the PNW for any period of time, you know it rains a lot in the wintertime. This is another reason to have your family photo session in the comfort of you own home. You don’t have to worry about canceling due to rain or bad weather. In home sessions can also be very meaningful for young children. Bonus: it’s easier to include your pets in the session!

Ready to book your family photo session?

If you are looking for a family photographer in Lake Forest Park and love the sound of one of these LFP locations for this year’s family photos, contact me to grab a spot on my calendar!

Not quite ready to book a session yet? Maybe looking for a location a little further out from LFP? Check out some of my favorite Seattle area locations for your family photo session:

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