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Would you want to see what your baby’s placenta looks like after giving birth? As a Seattle birth photographer, I always make sure to include an image or two of your baby’s placenta in your birth gallery. Placentas are really amazing, and most people don’t get a chance to see it up close! Yes, placentas […]

Do you live in or near Edmonds, WA? And are you wondering where get your family photos taken this year? If so, you are in luck! As an Edmonds family photographer, I have 3 fantastic location suggestions for your family photo session in Edmonds. As a photographer who shoots many outdoor family sessions in Edmonds, […]

Does anyone else love a good versatile location for family photos? If you are looking for a nice park with open fields, trees, trails and water for your Seattle family photo session, Wallace Swamp Creek Park is a great option for north Seattle residents! Wallace Swamp Creek Park is a small park that offers plenty […]

Birth is on of the most unpredictable and life changing events you can experience! When selecting a birth photographer, it’s important to make sure that they are a good fit for you and your family, and there are several questions you can ask to ensure that they are a good match. Birth photography is one […]

A mother is emotional as she holds her baby after giving birth.

Birth photography is unique and quite different from other photography genres. The birth of a child only happens once, and can happen at any hour of day or night! Birth photography captures so many special things–high emotions and beautiful moments that are unrepeatable. But birth photography is not cheap, and there are many reasons for […]

The outside of St. Michael Medical Center's Family Birth Center in Silverdale, Washington at night with the lights of Family Birth Center lit up.

This is the first and most common question I get when I’m in a consultation for birth photography. And understandably so! You want to understand when and how to contact your birth photographer so that they won’t miss the birth and arrive at the right time! If you have hired me or another birth photographer […]

There are so many misconceptions about birth photography that I could go on all day! Let’s be honest, what first comes to mind when you think of birth photography? I’m pretty confident that any concern you’re thinking of is addressed in at least one of these 10 misconceptions. If you missed it, the first 5 […]

A mother holds her newborn for the first time after just giving birth at Overlake Childbirth Center in Bellevue, WA, captured by Seattle birth photographer, Becky Langseth.

Even though birth photography is becoming more common, there are still some misconceptions about birth photography. “You mean, you ACTUALLY take photos of the birth?” This is something I hear often when I say that I’m a birth photographer. I get it. I even thought some of the same things myself at one point. But […]

Are you wondering what to wear during labor for great birth photos? Many people wonder what they should wear for birth photography. As a Seattle birth photographer, this is actually a commonly asked question during many of my birth photography consultations. To be honest, you really just want to wear what makes you feel most […]

There are many great reasons to hire a birth photographer, but are you wondering if hiring a birth photographer is really worth it? Will your partner be onboard with hiring a professional to photograph your birth? I know firsthand how it can feel like an unnecessary splurge when your partner could just take a few […]