Edmonds Family Photographer | 3 Great Locations for Family Sessions

Do you live in or near Edmonds, WA? And are you wondering where get your family photos taken this year? If so, you are in luck! As an Edmonds family photographer, I have 3 fantastic location suggestions for your family photo session in Edmonds.

As a photographer who shoots many outdoor family sessions in Edmonds, the waterfront is definitely a winner.

No matter the time of year, spring, summer, winter or fall, Edmonds beach is an amazing option for family photos. In fact, on a clear day, you can even see the Olympic mountain range across the Puget Sound in the distance.

As a family photographer, I love that there are so many waterfront options in Edmonds. I’ve photographed family sessions at Bracket’s Landing North, the Marina Beach Park, and even near the fishing pier between the two parks. By the way, did you know that there’s a new coffee and gelato place located in the Edmonds Waterfront Center? You’re welcome!

The waterfront is gorgeous at sunrise, but it’s especially beautiful during the golden hour and at sunset. (golden hour = one hour before sunset.) The sun sets in the west, which is behind the Olympic Mountains on the other side of the sound. This makes for stunning beach photos! I absolutely love capturing dreamy photos at this time.

A pregnant woman is standing on the beach at golden hour with the wind blowing her hair, by Edmonds family photographer, Becky Langseth.

The Kingston-Edmonds ferry also docks at Bracket’s Landing, so it’s always fun when you get a photo with the ferry in the background on the water behind you or even when it’s docked.

Bonus Location Idea: A family photo session ON the ferry during transit is a super fun idea for a family photoshoot!

Another recommendation for a family photo session in Edmonds as a family photographer is in a local forest.

If you are looking for more trees or want more of a forest session, Yost Park is wonderful! There are some lovely trails, and even a little creek that can add some interest to our photos. If your kids are too distracted by the waterfront, this may be a better option for your family photo session. Or maybe you did your family photoshoot at the beach last year, and want to get some variety in your family photos. Nonetheless, the forest is a great representation of the Pacific Northwest, and photos here looks lovely.

two children are sitting on the green grass with the forest in the background at Yost Park in Edmonds, WA.

Finally, in home sessions are always a great option as a location for your family photo session in Edmonds.

In home sessions are always a fantastic option! You often feel the most comfortable in your home, so why not do your family photoshoot there? It’s a great option, especially if it’s raining, as it often does in the Pacific Northwest.

Another reason an in home family photo session is great is because you don’t have to drive anywhere! Just think, no loading up the kids and trying not to mess up outfits, and no bathroom stops on the way to your photo session location. 😉 Maybe you have a shy child, who feels best in the comfort of their own home. By the way, in home sessions can include pets too!

Maybe you are moving and you want to remember your home that you created so many memories in. Or maybe you are in a NEW home that you want start creating memories in. No matter the stage of life you are in, a home is a special place to remember–especially for kids. When your children are all grown up and look back on these photos, it will be fun for them to say, “Hey! I remember that house we used to live in!”

Also, an in home session doesn’t mean only inside of the home. We can also take some great images in your backyard, or perhaps on your front porch or at your front door. The options are endless.

Ready to book your family photo session?

If you love the sound of one of these Edmonds location ideas for this year’s family photos, contact me to grab a spot on my calendar!

Not quite ready to book a session yet? Read more on the blog on how to prepare for your Seattle family photo mini session! Or check out another few of my favorite locations for your family photo session nearby in Kenmore at Wallace Swamp Creek Park or in Mukilteo at the Mukilteo Lighthouse Park.

Which type of photography session do you prefer?

Beach/waterfront, forest/park or an in home photo sessions? Let me know in the comments below!

  1. Gillian says:

    Those water front photos are just stunning! So much great info in this post, thanks for sharing your tips!

  2. These locations are stunning! Thank you for sharing!

  3. So beautiful!! I love the waterfront- it’s always such a lovely backdrop for family photos.

  4. Ashlie says:

    Great ideas for locations for family photos. The waterfront is always a winner in my book, too!

  5. Christina says:

    These photos are beautiful! Love the idea for photos on the ferry, so creative!

  6. What a fun resource for all of your families! The waterfront looks so beautiful!

  7. Wow those waterfront locations are giving me major location envy! I wish we had something that beautiful in Nashville (we’re totally landlocked). Beautiful work!

  8. The waterfront images would have me in a heartbeat! I’m from Nebraska: the one and only triple land locked state. haha

  9. Charis says:

    great ideas on variety for a family session in your area!

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