What to Wear During Labor for Great Birth Photos

Are you wondering what to wear during labor and for great birth photos? This is actually a commonly asked question during birth photography consultations. To be honest, you really just want to wear what makes you feel most comfortable. In fact, the more you labor, the less you will care. And frankly, you’ll need to wear less and less as your labor progresses.

But, as more expectant moms have asked me this question, and as I have had more experience photographing births, I’ve noticed a few things to wear that really do make birth photos even better. So take it or leave it, here are my 6 tips on what to wear during labor for great birth photos!

A pregnant woman, wearing a black bra, is going through a contraction as she sits in a birthing tub holding her pregnant belly at a birthing center in Seattle. Her photo is an example of what to wear during labor for great birth photos, including a black bra.

1. The first tip for what to wear during labor is a black or dark bra/bralette.

There are a couple of reasons to wear a dark bra. One is that if you want more modest photos, and no nipples/nudity showing, wearing a bra helps. You want a dark bra, because if it gets wet as you are laboring in the shower or birthing tub, the wet spots are less visible with a darker bra. Bonus tip: Wear a nursing bra or a bra that unhooks in the back. If you have a sports bra, it may be difficult to get it off for nursing later on, especially if you need to pull it over your head for to remove it. 

2. Nice nails look amazing in birth photos. 

Getting a manicure was something that I did unintentionally before I gave birth. And now I just LOVE how my birth photos look because of it! Unsurprisingly, you end up getting a lot of photos of you holding your baby, and so if you nails look good, it makes the photos even more beautiful. I mean, brides always get their nails done before their wedding, so why not get them done before your birth?!? You can’t control your hair and makeup because you don’t know when you are going in for labor, but you can control the manicure! Oh, and throw in a pedicure too, since it’s a nice treat, especially since it’s hard to touch your toes at this point in your pregnancy! Bonus tip: Speaking of makeup, don’t even try to put on mascara. Even if it’s waterproof. 😉 You will look beautiful in your birth photos, I promise. There is nothing more beautiful than a mama holding her new baby for the first time!

A mama holds her newly born baby for the first time after having a c-section at EvergreenHealth Family Maternity Center in Kirkland, WA. Her nails are beautiful and she is tenderly touching her new infant. Her nice nails are an example of what to wear during labor for good birth photos given by Becky Langseth.

3. Purchase a cute and comfortable robe.

When I gave birth, I just wore the gown that the hospital provided. Don’t get me wrong, I love the photos of me in the hospital gown because it’s obvious that I’m at the hospital and about to give birth. But man, those hospital gowns are not flattering at all. Most hospitals now allow you to bring your own gown, so why not bring something both comfortable and cute? There are so many cute and comfy ones on Amazon. Go pick out your favorite! (affiliate link) You can also wear this after the birth!

A pregnant women is leaning up against a birthing tub as she labors in a floral robe at a birth center in Seattle, Washington. Her robe is an example of what to wear during labor for great birth photos by Becky Langseth.

4. If modesty is important to you, try a wearing a loose skirt during labor. 

When wearing a loose knit skirt, you can walk around the room or labor in different positions with modesty. And when active labor begins, you can wear nothing underneath.

5. Black Depends are much nicer than the hospital provided white disposable underwear. 

And they won’t go to waste because you can use them postpartum. You can get these at Target, your local drugstore or even Amazon (affiliate link). For some reason, black just seems classier, you know? Black Depends are also nice for laboring at home births.

6. Wear meaningful jewelry during labor. 

Now, you don’t want to be wearing giant earrings or a huge statement necklace, but smaller jewelry is acceptable. Think tiny, like pearl earrings from your grandmother, or a small golden necklace your husband gave you when you were dating. Or maybe some small stud diamond earrings your aunt gave you for your graduation. Just like a bride likes to wear, “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue,” you too, can wear something that has a special meaning (that is small and won’t get in the way, of course!) 

A pregnant woman is sitting on the shower floor as she goes through a contraction. She is wearing a small golden necklace and small hoop earrings, a cute bra and her watch as she holds the handicap bar to steady herself at a birth center in Seattle. Her jewelry is an example of what to wear for during labor for great photos by Becky Langseth.

What about Dads? What should they wear during your labor?

Don’t think I forgot about dad; he’s important too and will be in several of the photos! Two tips immediately come to mind:

1. The first tip for Dad is to wear a plain shirt.

Unless he is a really big Seahawks fan and wants photos of him holding his new baby for the first time supporting Seattle, he should probably go for something more simple and plain. In fact, it’s a good idea to throw in an extra clean and plain shirt for dad in the birth bag…just in case you both are in a hurry to get to the hospital/birthing center. If your partner truly is a big craft beer person and wants to support his local brewery with a sweet graphic t-shirt, go for it! But if you want something that is classic and timeless, I recommend a non-graphic t-shirt. These photos will be passed down from generation to generation, so remember that when choosing your outfits.

A brand new dad is holding his infant in his shirt giving the baby some skin to skin time after at birth at EvergreenHealth Family Maternity Center in Kirkland, Washington. Since Dad is wearing a plain shirt, this image is an example of what Dad's should wear to a birth by Becky Langseth Photography.

2. The second tip for Dad is to avoid baseball hats.

Baseball caps cast a shadow over dad’s eyes and face. It’s also difficult to see all of his face when he’s wearing a hat due to the bill. I might miss his facial reaction if his hat is blocking the camera. But once again, if dad’s go-to is to wear a hat, go for it! 

Overall, remember that these are only recommendations. YOU are the one giving birth, so what YOU want is what matters. Everyone is unique and has different preferences. What matters is that you feel comfortable and confidant during your labor and delivery. 

Check out my next post on why you should hire a birth photographer!

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