I'm a mama of two

...and I know how fast they grow and change. That's why I became interested in photography. I wanted to capture the big and small moments. The messy, real, raw, yet beautiful moments and freeze them in time so I could remember them forever.  

And that's exactly what I want to do for you too! I want to capture your stage in life, exactly as it is right now! Freeze time, for just a moment, so you can remember all the good, even during all those hard days. 

Your family is beautiful. And even though it's sometimes hard to see it in the day to day, it's important to capture it. Photos are a gift. They are a gift not only now, but also (and maybe even more importantly) a gift to ourselves in 5, 10, 15+ years as well as a gift to generations to come. 

my current favorites:
Castles of Burgendy
Settlers of Catan (Cities & Knights expansion)
Ticket to Ride
7 Wonders

i love playing board games...

...and yes, I'm a little nerdy!

i'm a wanderlust at heart

  • I lived in China for 2 years teaching English as a Second Language

  • I've traveled to 17 countries - and counting ;) #willtravelforphotography

  • My husband and I are playing the "visit all the US states" game, and we have 9 more to go until we've been to all 50!

my favorite things in the PNW:

  • hiking
  • coffee
  • camping
  • the mountians

  • ferry rides
  • the sound
  • finding waterfalls
  • did i mention coffee?

my husband and I lived in hawaii for 6 years

Additional fun facts: 
  • both my kids were born in Hawaii
  • I like hot drinks even when it's hot outside
  • my favorite foods are wine and popcorn (preferably together)
  • I was homeschooled from K-5th grade
  • I’m musical and can play things on the piano or guitar by ear, yet I can’t read music very well
  • if I’m not careful, I might become a hoarder since I love furniture, vintage things, and decorating

Fun Facts About Becky